Standards of Practice

Something you may not know is that Windermere takes its standard of service to its clients very seriously. As members of the National Association of REALTORS®, we agree to abide by a strict code of ethics that is based in professionalism and consumer protection. To further reinforce our commitment to our clients, Windermere has built upon the REALTOR® Code of Ethics by establishing what we call
our Windermere Standards of Practice.

Within these Standards of Practice is an outline of how we believe our clients deserve and expect to be treated. It is intended to provide total transparency about how we do business, while letting our clients know that Windermere agents hold themselves to an even higher level of competence and accountability.

Our commitment to these standards is part of what sets Windermere Real Estate apart and strengthens our resolve. They draw a clear picture of our culture and what our clients, colleagues, and community can expect from us. In turn, we trust this translates into a more satisfying real estate experience and peace-of-mind for our clients, knowing that doing right by them is our highest priority.
The Windermere Real Estate Standards of Practice embody the company’s commitment to the highest standard of service to clients and to respectful relationships with all brokers. Windermere expects you to set personal business standards that project the highest level of professionalism.  If you would like a copy of our Standards of Practice below, I would be happy to provide one to you.

I. Client and business relationships are the foundation of our business and success.

A. Client interests always come before self-interest.

B. Understand and observe all duties, obligations and limitations in your

business relationships.

C. Keep in touch regularly and expeditiously.

D Educate your client about agency law and how our business works. Get agreements

in writing when required and/or possible. In the absence of a written agency

agreement, the client’s choice of broker will be respected. The client should have

the freedom to choose.

E. Ask direct questions about possible relationships with another broker. It is in everyone’s

interest to actively encourage and support client loyalty to a broker.

F. Respect legitimate requests by clients for termination of a working relationship,

whether or not a written agreement exists. Termination should be in writing.

II. Broker relationships are the foundation of a successful transaction. Respect your colleagues.

A. Honesty is owed to all parties, and timely delivery of information is important,

especially written/contractual paperwork. Observe the duties, obligations and

limitations of the client in your interaction with other brokers.

B. Respect all contractual relationships—listing, purchase and sale, and buyer broker

agreements—and do not interfere with them directly or indirectly. Follow MLS rules

and NAR Code of Ethics (articles 15 & 16).

C. Whenever possible make presentations face-to-face with other brokers and/or their

clients. Review Windermere Guidelines for Presentation.

III. Communicate when mistakes and misunderstandings occur.

A. Recognize that there are different communication styles and that all experiences

have more than one viewpoint. Talk to the other broker involved as soon as possible,

pinpoint the facts and issues, and work toward a viable solution. If you make a mistake,

try to rectify it.

B. Seek assistance from management when necessary, and discuss the dispute and

details of the transaction only with those directly involved.

C. Only involve the client when necessary. Always remember client confidentiality.

IV. Recognize the limits of your own knowledge and expertise. Always ask yourself: “What is best for the client?” and act accordingly. Follow the Windermere Guidelines for Expertise.

V. Keep yourself fully informed on real estate issues and changes, such as license law, legal and local issues, finance, current trends, MLS rules and regulations, and the current NAR Code of Ethics.

VI. Respect and follow fair housing laws, and provide equal professional service regardless of race, color, religion, sex or sexual orientation, familial status, disability, national origin, and other legally protected classes. All advertising and marketing materials should be non-discriminatory.

VII. Respect all Windermere marketing materials, logo and sign standards, and follow all guidelines for personal websites. Recognize that social networking is public in nature. Be mindful when using these sites for business purposes. Review Windermere Real Estate Social Media Guidelines. Consistent Windermere branding differentiates us from all other companies and
reinforces our reputation for unparalleled service.

IIX. Actively encourage full compliance with the spirit of Windermere Guidelines for (1) Standards of
Practice, (2) Presentation, (3) Expertise, and (4) Multiple Offers.
A. Lead by example, and follow the Golden Rule.
B. Take responsibility for your own actions.
C. Involve the branch manager, and cooperate in a respectful manner when violations
of the Windermere Guidelines are alleged.
D. When concrete evidence suggests wrongdoing without remorse, apology or
restitution, use the Windermere Grievance Procedures in a timely manner.

I endorse and agree to abide by the license laws in the states in which I hold an active license, the
NAR Code of Ethics, these Standards of Practice and Windermere’s conflict resolution procedures.